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ADMtek is part of Infineon technologies AG based in Taiwan and makes home gateway chips.


Infineon calls this 'a highly integrated, high performance and flexible System-on-Chip Home Gateway controller'. Infineon ADM5120 webpage


  • 175MHz/227MIPS 4Kc CPU with an embedded cache, 8K-byte I-cache and 8K D-cache mips32
  • An embedded memory management unit MMU 32-entry TLB, with 16 organized entry pairs
  • 5 IEEE 802.e Fast Ethernet PHY interfaces and 1 GMII/MII interface
  • Embedded ethernet switch engine
  • Two SDRAM banks (up to 128MB)
  • Two Flash banks (up to 4MB)
  • UART interface
  • PCI bridge
  • GPIO
  • USB 1.1 host controller

(Note that the PCI bus, GPIO and the MII interface is not available on all packages)

Products using the ADM5120

Edimax uses this chip in its BR6104 routers.