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The Texas Instrument AR7 is the fully integrated single-chip ADSL CPE access router solution. The AR7 combines a MIPS32 processor, an ADSL PHY subsystem based on TI C62x DSP with integrated transceiver, integrated IEEE 802.3 PHY, two IEEE 802.3 MACs with integrated MII, hardware accelerated ATM SAR, integrated USB 1.1, UART, GPIO and EJTAG interfaces.

The AR7W is an AR7 option with MiniPCI interface for Wi-Fi card.

The AR5 was not a single-chip solution.

  • TNET4310 MIPS32 4Kc
  • TNET4320 MIPS32 4Kc
  • TNET4400 MIPS32 4Kc
  • TNETD5301 MIPS32 4Kc
  • TNETD5310 MIPS32 4Kc
  • TNETD5320 MIPS32 4Kc
  • TNETD7300 MIPS32 4KEc

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