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The MIPS 4K series is MIPS Technologies low end, synthesizable core implementing the MIPS32 architecture.

MIPS32® 4K™ Family


  • 4Kpâ„¢ core - basic version with iterative multiply and FMT MMU
  • 4Km® core - 4Kp core plus fast Multiply/Divide Unit
  • 4Kc® core - 4Km core plus TLB MMU

The 4Kc CPU supports:

  • MIPS32 compatible instruction set
    • All MIPS II instructions
    • Multiply-Add and Multiply-Sustract instructions (MADD, MADDU, MSUB, MSUBU)
    • Targeted Multiply instruction (MUL)
    • Zero and One detect instructions (CLZ, CLO)
    • Wait Instruction (WAIT)
    • Conditional Move instructions (MOVZ, MOVN)
    • Prefetch instructions (PREF)
  • MIPS32 priveleged resource architecture
    • Count/Compare CP0 registers for real-time timer interrupts
    • Instruction and Data watch CP0 registers for software breakpoints
    • Separate interrupt exeption vector
  • Memory Management Unit
    • 16 dual-entry MIPS32 style JTLB with variable page sizes


MIPS32® 4KE™ Family

Linux support

The 4K and 4KE are fully supported.