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2005-09-29 The Linux/MIPS kernel repository has been converted to Git

2005-07-04 QEMU 0.7.1 now has initial MIPS support.

2005-06-18 Linux 2.6.12 merged into CVS

2005-05-31 Linux 2.6.12-rc5 adds support for the DSP ASE

2005-04-29 Linux 2.6.12-rc3 merged into CVS

2005-04-06 Linux 2.4.30 merged into CVS

2005-03-02 |Linux 2.6.11 merged into CVS

2005-02-28 Linux 2.6.11-rc5 merged into CVS

2005-02-13 Linux 2.6.11-rc4 merged into CVS

2005-02-07 Linux 2.6.11-rc3 merged into CVS

2005-01-25 Linux 2.6.11-rc2 merged into CVS

2005-01-20 Linux 2.4.29 merged into CVS

2005-01-13 Linux 2.6.11-rc1 merged into CVS

2005-01-13 Linux 2.4.29-rc2 which fixes yet another security bug has been merged into CVS.

2005-01-09 Linux 2.4.29-rc1 which fixes a critical security bug merged into CVS.