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This word is used to describe a XIO endpoint. A widget contains several registers, including the 32-bit widget ID register at 0x04. The ID register can be further decoded into a manufacturer-device-revision triplet:

0xF0000000 revision
0x0FFFF000 device
0x00000FFE manufacturer

The LSB is usually set to 1.

Known XIO widget IDs (manufacturer/device) include:

000/0000 XBow
000/D000 XXBow (a XBow inside an XBridge, used in Origin 3000 series)
024/C202 TPU (Tensor Processing Unit)
024/D002 XBridge
036/C001 HEART (IP30 host bridge)
036/C002 BRIDGE (PCI bridge)
036/C101 HUB (IP27 host bridge)
036/C110 Bedrock (IP35 host bridge)
2AA/C003 HQ4 (IMPACTSR command processor)
2AA/C102 XG (KONA frontend)