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I'm a LinuxMIPS user from southern Germany.

I have various MIPS machines on which I try&run Linux-MIPS from time to time (of which I keep having less and less lately though).

MIPS Machines I own:

  • one SGI R4k Indigo (R4000, IP20)
  • two SGI Indies (R4400 + R4600, IP22)
  • two SGI Indigo2 (IMAPCT and normal, R4400, IP22)
  • two SGI Origin2k (IP27, one has 8CPUs and one has 2)
  • one SGI Octane (R10k, IP30)
  • one SGI O2 (R5k, IP32)

and finally

  • An HP EnvizexII X-Terminal (It runs on an R4300 according to Wikipedia, but has no Linux/BSD support yet whatsoever)

If anyone needs any testing on one of these machines I can probably provide it (if someone wants to borrow one, that can probably be arranged as well)