Tektronix TekXPress XP217C

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System Specifications

  • CPU: LR33020MC 25Mhz (No MMU or FPU)
  • RAM: 4Mb, upgradeable with standard SIMMs
  • Peripherals:
    • 1x Ethernet Port (BNC and UTP). Uses a SONIC DP83934 chip.
    • 2x Serial Ports
    • PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse ports
    • 1x Standard 15pin VGA port. TLC34076-135FN chip.
    • Can be expanded with a parallel port, "sound card" and two PCMCIA slots.

Linux support

None as the CPU has no MMU. uClinux might be possible. Works just fine as a X-Terminal. Enough software to get it running can be found on NCDs ftp site.

The OS is a big endian MIPS ECOFF, some version of VxWorks. It's probably very similiar to the Tektronix TekXPress XP338.