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This wiki references the dwl-g700ap as having a Realtek RTL8186 soc. I do not believe this is the case. I have a dwl-g700ap HW ver: A1. No where in this device is a Realtek RTL8186. This device for this particular hardware version is based off the Marvell 88W8000 soc. The D-Link support website makes no mention of other hardware versions. Since the majority of contributions appear to be Russian or Brazilian perhaps there are differences based off county? I don't know. There should be clarification on this.

RDT Multimedia SoCs from Realtek have MIPS core

At least one such player (Mvix Ulteo) was opened physically and showed RTD1073DA chip. Combine this with various mips_le targeted tools in and you arrive to same end: it has MIPS core. Especially interesting full source code for kernel 2.6.12, included in

Other chips like RTD1261/2 according to unofficial info, have MIPS32 MIPS 4KEc version 6.4 core