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some files here:

[dead link, please look below -CodeAsm]

PSXLinux-cross-tools..> 25-Feb-2009 12:53  5.6M  
     PSXLinux-cross-tools..> 25-Feb-2009 12:56  5.6M  
     PSXLinux-kernel-2.4...> 25-Feb-2009 13:10   24M  
     PSXLinux-kernel-2.4...> 25-Feb-2009 13:14   24M  
     PSXLinux.md5sum         25-Feb-2009 13:10   69   
     howto_en.txt            25-Feb-2009 12:50  8.7K  
     howto_it.txt            25-Feb-2009 12:50  8.6K  
     kernel-psx-2.4.0.tar.gz 25-Feb-2009 13:04   25M  
     press-release3.txt      25-Feb-2009 12:50  598   
     test8-pre4.gz           25-Feb-2009 13:10  218K

CodeAsm: the above links are dead, but other sources has them now. will edit wiki to reflect new info and translation of the how to. [[]] tested 12-8-2015 (EU date)

Nobody is watching these? ive done some more digging and trying (and aquireing some linux skills) and im missing these too: psx-mcard.0.8.2.tar.gz psx-serial.0.9.7.tar.gz

Especialy the memorycard one is sad... because how are we supposed to construct the EXT2 filesystem now? and I cant even convert the ecoff file correctly to EXE to boot on a Emulator. So quickest road looks to be to load it over serial afterall. unless someone patches the ecoff2exe or tells me how the current linux executable elf isnt correctly turned into an ecoff. Hope you linux-mips guys dont mind me editing this Talk page and back in 2015 the wiki itself... it does look a bit messy tho, gonna clean it up a bit soon, mostly after i dugg into the elf conversion script inside the kernel source. (I dont mind having no filesystsem yet, cause without a kernel I cant debug anything.) If you want to contact me, ive got twitter, email, website, normal wiki and sure some discord or IRC will popup (I also have a PXDEV account ;) and Assemblergames) and this should not be my personal blog whatever, so ill change that soon unless you are a master PXLinux foodoo guy and just compiled it and ran it and can write the perfect wiki. DO it. Thx. CodeAsm 2-2-2017