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some files here:

[dead link, please look below -CodeAsm]

PSXLinux-cross-tools..> 25-Feb-2009 12:53  5.6M  
     PSXLinux-cross-tools..> 25-Feb-2009 12:56  5.6M  
     PSXLinux-kernel-2.4...> 25-Feb-2009 13:10   24M  
     PSXLinux-kernel-2.4...> 25-Feb-2009 13:14   24M  
     PSXLinux.md5sum         25-Feb-2009 13:10   69   
     howto_en.txt            25-Feb-2009 12:50  8.7K  
     howto_it.txt            25-Feb-2009 12:50  8.6K  
     kernel-psx-2.4.0.tar.gz 25-Feb-2009 13:04   25M  
     press-release3.txt      25-Feb-2009 12:50  598   
     test8-pre4.gz           25-Feb-2009 13:10  218K

CodeAsm: the above links are dead, but other sources has them now. will edit wiki to reflect new info and translation of the how to. [[]] tested 12-8-2015 (EU date)