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Realtek RTL8181

The Realtek RTL8181 is a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip with a high-performance 32-bit RISC microcontroller, two Ethernet MACs and a WLAN 802.11b controller embedded onto a single chip. RTL8181P BGA version has a PCI Bridge which supports one external PCI/MiniPCI device.

The embedded Lexra LX5280 32-bit RISC CPU runs at up to 200MHz and features separate 8KB instruction and data caches.

Devices are based on the RTL8181:


Most of the RTL8181-based devices comes with a simple bootloader and Linux as firmware. See the Minitar sourcecode and RTL8181-linux project. Seems, RTL8181 shares some code with ADM5120. They both use CSYS header format and some applications (i.e. setup), but RTL8181 firmware is Big-Endian.

AP Router firmware for Ovislink 1120

There is APPro firmware available (ONLY !! for Planet WAP-1963A and Ovislink 1120 - see README) here.


RTL8186 supports MIPS EJTAG 2.0:

  • ManufID: 6
  • PartNumber: 5280
33  - JTAG_TDI 
8   - JTAG_TMS 
116 - JTAG_TDO 
145 - JTAG_TCK (shared with WLAN LED 1)
147 - JTAG ENABLE (must set to High) 

More RTL8181 EJTAG links:

Realtek RTL8180

Don't confuse the RTL8181 with the RTL8180. It's just plain WLAN 802.11b chip, that also happens to be the one embedded on the RTL8181.

Realtek RTL8186

The RTL8186 (datasheet) is a SoC with integrated MIPS core Lexra LX5280 32-bit RISC, two UARTs, two Ethernet MACs, 4xPCM audio channels, IPSec crypto engine and a WLAN 802.11g controller.

Rtl8186 diag.jpg

Devices based on the RTL8186:

More info:


Realtek RTL8650/RTL8651(B)

The RTL8650/RTL8651 is a highly integrated multi-layer switching gateway controller.

  • Lexra LX4180 32-bit RISC CPU, Embedded 4K I-Cache, 4K D-Cache, 8K I-RAM, 4K D-RAM, 96MHz, w/o MMU
  • 6-port layer 2/3/4 switch MAC, 5 Fast Ethernet transceivers, and an MII interface
  • USB v1.1 host controller
  • 33MHz PCI v2.2 host interface for glueless connection of up to two devices (RTL8651 only)
  • PCMCIA or memory interface
  • Two 16C550-compatible UARTs
  • 22 GPIOs
  • 208-pin PQFP package for RTL8650; 292-pin TFBGA package for RTL8651

The second generation B version, RTL8650B/RTL8651B is based on the Lexra LX5280 core running at 200Mhz, with MMU, same as in the RTL8181 and RTL8186.

Devices are based on the RTL8650/RTL8651:

  • AP Router WAP354: RTL8651B
  • Belkin F5D9230-4 V2000^ (V1000?): RTL8651B SoC + Airgo True MIMO chip (appears to be the same board as the Linksys WRT54GX series)
  • D-Link DI-604+: RTL8650B
  • D-Link DI-624M,DI-634M: RTL8651B SoC + Atheros MIMO chipset
  • D-Link DI-624S: RTL8651B SoC + Atheros SuperG chipset + USB2.0 controller
  • D-Link DI-604UP, DI-524UP: RTL8650B SoC More
  • D-Link DIR-120: RTL8650B SoC
  • D-Link DIR-300: RTL8650B SoC
  • Edimax BR-6214K, RTL8650B SoC
  • Linksys BEFSR41 v4: RTL8650B
  • Linksys WAP54GX V1.0: RTL8651B SoC + Airgo True MIMO chip
  • Linksys WRT54GX2 V1.0: RTL8651B SoC + Airgo True MIMO chip
  • Linksys WRT54GX V2.0: RTL8651B SoC + Airgo True MIMO chip
  • Linksys WRV200: RTL8651B SoC
  • Netgear FVS114: RTL8650B SoC
  • Netgear RP614v4: RTL8650B SoC
  • Netgear WPNT834
  • Sitecom WL-173: RTL8650B SoC

^Belkin does not acknowledge the existence of the V2000

RTL865xB supports MIPS EJTAG 2.0:

  • ManufID: 6
  • PartNumber: 5280

JTAG (manual hack method by ZFT Lab.):

70  - JTAG_TDI 
68  - JTAG_TMS 
71  - JTAG_TDO 
69  - JTAG_TCK
??  - JTAG ENABLE (need help)