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The R6000 is an ECL implementation of the MIPS architecture which was produced by Bipolar Integrated Technology. The R6000 miroprocessor did introduce the MIPS II instruction set. Its TLB and cache architecture are different from all other members of the MIPS family. The R6000 did not deliver the promised performance benefits, and although it saw some use in Control Data machines, it quickly disappeared from the mainstream market.

Linux Support

The R6000 is not supported by Linux/MIPS.


In the spinout from SGI in 1999 MIPS Technologies inheritied the rights to the R6000 and eventually gave permission to distribute the R6000 documentation under the license below.

Documentation license

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Documentation files

There is nothing like an R6000 user's manual. Instead the available documentation is a bunch of papers, a few schematics and handwritten notes. Not all of it has been scanned yet; what has been scanned is available below

Mostly here in case a bold soul wants to try to ocr the documents and hardcore R6000 user and computer architecture archaelogists.