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NXP Semiconductors, former Philips Semiconductors, has a digital brand called "Nexperia". It covers a lot of digit processors, such as ARM9, MIPS, Trimedia and EPIA DSP. And Philips/NXP has licensed MIPS R3000 processor long time ago. Recently more and more SoC have been released.

PNX8535 Digital One Chip of HDTV: MIPS 4KeC#240MHz + Trimedia DSP#290MHz + P89LPC9xx + EPIA Audio DSP, system software TV520/xx, MontaVista Linux based, GUI system Tara system Gmbh;

PNX8550 IPTV: MIPS 3K/4K? 200MHz + Trimedia DSP * 2 + P89LPC9xx, system software STB810, MotaVista Linux based, host system is Redhat/Fedura, GUI system DirectFB;

PNX8930 HD/IPTV/Hybird: MIPS 340MHz + Media Processing ASIC + P89LPC9xx, support both Linux and Windows CE 5.

However Philips/NXP hesitate to support open source community because of the complex of Trimedia DSP and multi-core processing. Their current approach is selected ISV support Trimedia, and MIPS core keeps open for customer development.