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Ocelot G support removed
Commit 160bc18f55e938a6a967d4e6d964e09e50a8a674
Date 2007-05-09 (after the 2.6.21 release)

The Ocelot G is a hotswappable 6U CompactPCI card based on a 500MHz RM7000B processor and a Marvell MV-64340 system controller featuring three gigabit ethernet interfaces. The board has one PMC slot, two serial ports, 512MB or 1GB SDRAM ECC onboard, 512kB boot flash, 8MB MB flash. It uses PMON like all Momentum boards. Finally there is a watchdog timer, NVRAM and RTC. The Marvell system controller contains multiple NICs but only one of them is connected to the front blade of the board. A second can be connected through a transition board.

Linux support

Supported in Linux 2.4 and 2.6 but suffering from bitrot. Support did not include hotplugging or any of the other advanced features.