NEC VR4133

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A NEC VR4133
NEC VR4133
Manufacturer NEC
Core VR4130
Frequency 200 MHz
Primary Instruction cache 16 KiB
Primary Data cache 16 KiB
TLB entries 32 bytes
Supply Voltage External: 3.3V
Internal: 1.5V
Package 240-pin, fine-pitch BGA (16x16mm, 0.8mm pitch)

General Information

The NEC VR4133 is a 200 Mhz processor with 16 KB of Primary Instruction cache and 16 KB of Primary Data cache. It has 32 TLB entries. The primary data cache line size is 32 bytes and the primary instruction cache line size is 32 bytes. Currently, this processor is fully supported in Linux versions 2.4 and 2.6