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The SEAD-3 is a mini-ATX form factor evaluation platform made by MIPS Technologies. It is meant to support the development of SOCs so it features logic analyzer connections, a JTAG port and other features to support this specific purpose. The MK14c, MK14KEc or 34K SOC designs can be used with the SEAD-3.


The SEAD-3 board has the following hardware:

  • (1) microSD slot
  • (2) 8250-class UARTs
  • USB 2.0 EHCI Host Bridge
  • A multitude of GPIO lines
  • Alphanumerica LCD display
  • (2) LEDs
  • Processor daughter card slot


SEAD-3 uses YAMON for its firmware. The YAMON image contains Big and Little endian parts and "magic" code to determine the current endian.

Linux support

The SEAD-3 is fully supported by Linux 2.6 and current Linux 3.x kernels. The main Git tree hosted on linux-mips.org is geared towards bleeding-edge development. There is a separate tree that is geared towards absolute stability on SEAD-3 as well as the Malta platform. It is actively maintained by MIPS Technologies, Inc.


The SEAD-3 board does not currently have any full-system emulation support.

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