Linux 4.8

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Linux 4.8 was preceded by Linux 4.7 and followed by Linux 4.9.


General Features

Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM)

  • Support MIPS Release 6 host & guest commit.
  • Support MIPS64 hosts (with MIPS32 guest) commit.
  • Make KVM_GET_REG_LIST dynamic, and list FPU & MSA registers commit.
  • Make Config3.ULRI writable by user API (to control exposure of CP0_UserLocal register) commit.
  • Emulate CP0_KScratch registers and expose to user commit.
  • Move commpage away from 0 if possible to allow guest kernel NULL pointer dereferences to be handled by guest commit.
  • Convert guest exception entry code to use UASM (dynamically generated) commit.
  • Add trace events: kvm_aux (FPU & MSA context management) commit, kvm_asid_change commit, kvm_enter, kvm_reenter commit, kvm_hwr (guest register emulation) commit.
  • Some support for Highmem host kernels commit.

Architectural Support

Platform Specific


  • Add defconfig for ath25 commit


  • Improve USB reset code for OCTEON II commit
  • Enable Octeon SATA support in cavium_octeon_defconfig commit
  • D-Link DSR-1000N
    • Use appended DTB rather than built-in commit
    • Add more 1000n LEDs commit