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Linux 4.7 was released on 24th July 2016.

Linux 4.7 was preceded by Linux 4.6 and followed by Linux 4.8.


General Features

Architectural Support

  • The cpu.h cpu feature bits are now defined as numbered bits
  • Page table bits have had a big refactor and are much more readable now
  • Highmem & cache fixes
  • User FPU mode switch (FR / FRE) forces FPU context drop
  • FPU instruction emulation
  • Optionally support 48 bit virtual address space
  • Allow support for extended (10 bit) ASIDs as defined in MIPS32/MIPS64 and found in I6400, XLP
  • Enable watchpoint support on MIPS Release 6
  • Add MIPS Release 6 Virtual Processor (VP) SMP support
  • Reporting of DSP3 (MIPS Release 6) in /proc/cpuinfo
  • Optimised bit reverse helpers for MIPS Release 6
  • Probe extended EBase, BadInstr[P], [X]ContextConfig, perf events (generic)
  • VZ register definitions, CPU & guest feature probing, guest accessors, and some generic VZ GuestID handling

Platform Specific

Atheros (Ath79)

  • Pass DT from bootloader with UHI
  • Early console output added to zboot
  • Improve AR9132 DT clock support
  • DT & clock support for Atheros AR9331 (Hornet)
  • Initial TP-Link MR3020 support
  • Initial Dragino MS14 support
  • Initial Onion Omega support
  • Initial DPT-Module support


  • BCM7432/BMIPS5200 SMP support
  • Reduce dcache flushes (icache fills from dcache) on BMIPS5000
  • Add RI/XI support for BMIPS4380 and BMIPS5000
  • Add BMIPS5000 CPU feature overrides
  • Bus error handling
  • Enable partition parser in bmips_be and bcm63xx defconfigs
  • Device nodes added to BCM7xxx DTS
  • Add BCM6358 & BCM63268 support
  • Add device nodes to BCM6328 DTS
  • Add device nodes to BCM6368 DTS
  • IRQ controller for brcm6345-l1


  • Enable more SoC drivers in cavium_octeon_defconfig
  • Prepare to support more than 32 CPUs and more than 255 interrupts
  • Add Octeon III IRQ controller
  • Add Octeon III SMP support
  • Some CN73xx, CNF75xx, CN78xx support
  • Add CN7xxx ethernet interface detection
  • Add DTS for D-Link DSR-1000N, and EdgeRouter

Ingenic (jz4770)

  • Drop Qi LB60 AVT2 support
  • Probe OHCI via DT and drop obsolete USB glue code


  • Allow passing DT via UHI, and allow kernel with no built-in DT


  • Add some Loongson 1B platform devices
  • Add basic support for Loongson 3A R2

Microchip PIC32

  • UART driver
  • Watchdog timer driver
  • Deadman timer driver
  • Clock driver

MIPS / Imagination Technologies

  • I6400
    • Reduced dcache flushing (L2 is inclusive, so its as if icache fills from dcache)
    • Add correct perf event numbers
  • P6600 core support
  • M6250 core support
  • Malta
    • Timer calibration improvements intended for KVM guests
  • Pistachio


  • MT7628 EPHY LEDs pinmux support

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