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USIP® Professional IC

A USIP® Professional
USIP® Professional
Manufacturer Innova Card
Core MIPS32™ 4KSd
Frequency 96 MHz
Primary Instruction cache 8 KiB
Primary Data cache 8 KiB
TLB entries 16 bytes
Supply Voltage External: ?V
Internal: ?V
Package 250-pin, BGA

USIP® (Universal Secure Integrated Platform) Professional IC is an EMV and PCI PED compliant System on Chip (SoC), which integrates all the security and application management functionalities required to build new generations of trusted devices.


USIP® Professional IC embeds the MIPS32™ 4KSd™ secure processor from MIPS® Technologies.

  • 1.35 MIPS/MHz (Dhystone) / 129.6 MIPS at 96MHz
  • SmartMIPS instruction set for cryptographic applications
  • 8KByte data cache and 8 KByte instruction cache memories
  • 5-stage pipeline
  • 16-bit code compression via MIPS16e™ ASE
  • MMU: Protection of pages individually programmable (execute, read, and write)

Working Linux

Innova Card started with the Linux kernel version 2.6.18, and currently provides the version 2.6.20 for the USIP® platform.

Work In Progress

Innova Card currently works on two hot topics concerning Linux in the payment terminal market:

  • the security (PCI-PED certification),
  • and the power management.

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