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IDT System Integration Manager (IDT/sim) is a software/firmware product that facilitates convenient download of programs to IDT 79RCxxx evaluation boards and execution as well as debug of such program.

IDT/sim is equipped with a built-in assembler, disassembler, entry points for user-defined commands, interrupt handlers, a ROM-resident "C" library and I/O interface for a variety of devices that include serial, ethernet, PCI, I2C, SPI, and much more.

To get a IDT/sim source code, write a letter to the and follow instructions.


IdtBoot is IDT's version of a "boot-loader". IdtBoot allows users of IDT 79RCxxx evaluation boards to download application programs or operating system images over the ethernet or serial console at high speeds. IdtBoot source code is available on IDT FTP site and will also be shipped in executable form in EPROM/Flash devices within all evaluation board kits manufactured by IDT after August 15, 2003.

Contact to obtain the source code, etc.

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