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The Fuloong Miniature Computer is equipped with a Loongson microprocessor (manufactured by STMicroelectronics and developed by the Chinese Institute of Computing Technologies), manufactured by Lemote Technologies.

The 2EA2RA model has a Loongson 2E at 660MHz, 256M DDR333 SDRAM and a 40GB Hitachi harddisk.

Motherboard Details

Motherboard of 2EA2RA


Motherboard fulong front.JPG

  • Chips
    • (1) ALTERA Cyclone II EP2C20F484C8, FPGA, North-bridge, similar to Bonito64. webpage
    • (2) Winbond W39L040AP70Z, 512K x 8 PLCC package Flash memory. datasheet
    • (3) ATI Mobility Radeon 215R6MBAEA12, Display Controller.
    • (4) Loongson STLS2E02, CPU.
    • (5) NEC D720101GJ 0632PPA31, USB2.0 Controller.
    • (6) Hynix KHM666D3204T, 256M DDR333 SDRAM SODIMM module.
  • I/O Ports
    • (?) PS/2 keyboard port to South-bridge
    • (?) Ethernet cable port to RTL8139D
    • (?) 15-pin VGA port to ATI Mobility Radeon
    • (?) S-Video output attached to ATI Mobility Radeon
    • (?) 9-pin RS-232 Serial port to South-bridge
    • (?) Power input with DC12V, 4.16A
    • (?) Power switch
    • (?) Reset switch
    • (?) Power indicator LED
    • (?) HDD activity LED
    • (??) Infrared sensor attached to South-bridge
    • (??) Line Out attached to AC'97 codec
    • (??) Speaker audio output attached to AC'97 codec
    • (??) Microphone input to AC'97 codec
    • (??) & (??) USB 2.0 ports that are attached to NEC USB Controller.


Motherboard fulong back.JPG

  • Chips
    • (1) Realtek ALC203, AC'97 Audio Codec. web page, data sheet
    • (2) IDE slot of South-Bridge
    • (3) VIA VT82C686B, South-Bridge
    • (4) Realtek RTL8139D, Ethernet Controller
  • I/O Ports
    • (?) & (?) USB 1.1 ports that are attached to South-Bridge.

Hardware Specification


The CPU on it is a Loongson 2E, which is 95% compatible with MIPS64. It works at frequency 660MHz, and up to 800MHz, with FSB at 66MHz.


It comes with a Hynix 256M DDR SDRAM on the DDR SDRAM SODIMM slot. With 32bit mode, the maximum of SDRAM will be 256M. More memory requires a 64bit Operating System.


The display controller is an ATI Radeon 7000 with 16M display buffer onboard, attached to PCI bus internally. It exports a VGA port and a S-Video port.


A mini-IDE port is on the back side of the motherboard, supports UDMA100 mode and LBA48, provided by VIA VT82C686B sourth bridge.

A Hitachi 40GB harddisk is attached on it.


A RS-232 Serial Port provided by south bridge.

An infrared sensor provided by south bridge.

A 10/100Mbps ethernet port based RTL8139D controller.



  • PMON 2000 (Revision 2.x modified by Lemote for loongson)

Linux supports

  • Debian 4.0 ("etch"), 5.0 ("lenny"), 6.0 ("squeeze") and 7 ("wheezy"). Version 7 is the final release to support Fuloong 2E as it is the last one compiled for MIPS II ISA support. Later versions require a higher ISA version that Fuloong 2E does not support.
  • Gentoo.

Note: The JIT compiler embedded in Iceweasel 38.8.0esr included with Debian 7 incorrectly produces MIPS code for an ISA version higher than Fuloong 2E supports and consequently the program crashes right away on startup. As a workaround insert:

user_pref("javascript.options.baselinejit", false);

manually into prefs.js.

Developing Kernel