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Extreme Graphics is a set of three boards that Indigo2 technical report called the most powerful graphics hardware currently offered by Silicon Graphics for a desktop workstation at the time when Indigo2 was introduced. Extreme Graphics includes eight Geometry Engine processors, two raster engines, high resolution 24-bit color, and a 24-bit Z-buffer. Note that in some SGI docs the board can be referred to as an "Ultra".

This page describes random bits and pieces of information that might be useful or interesting.

Memory map

Address range      Description        Size

1F000000-1F03FFFF  Shared data RAM    256K
1F040000-1F05FFFF  FIFO               128K
1F060000-1F067FFF  HQ2 microcode      32K
1F068000-1F069FFF  GE7(0-7)           8K
1F06A000-1F06BFFF  HQ internal regs   8K
1F06C000-1F06C01F  Board version      32 bytes

More details can be found in include/video/extreme.h.


This is what the RD0-3 registers contain on my board:

rd0 = 0xffffffff                   
rd1 = 0xbcbcbcbc
rd2 = 0xffffffff
rd3 = 0xbcbcbcbc

FIFO Commands

Drawing a Character

Linux kernel support

Still under development.