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This page documents how to get started with Open Firmware's Device Tree on MIPS. It does not cover other device trees such as that of the ARC Firmware or klconfig.


Required Tools

The Device Tree Compiler used to generate Open Firmware style device trees images is contained in the Fedora and openSUSE dtc rpm. You only need this package to develop device trees separate from the kernel.

The kernel source ships with its own version of dtc which is used to convert the in-tree DT files into linkable .o files so above package isn't even needed.

MIPS Platforms with Device Tree support

PowerTV is the initial MIPS platform with Device Tree support since a while. Work to convert further platforms:

to DT is in progress and there is a git tree (linux-dt.git gitweb) for this project.

Firmware with Device Tree support

U-Boot pretty generic support for manipulating and passing a dtb at boot. Open Firmware doesn't currently support MIPS but is the grand daddy in the DT league and has been used for a long time on Sun SPARC systems, Apple and IBM PowerPC systems so a MIPS port may be a consideration.