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Lantiq's (formerly Infineon's) Single-chip solution for ADSL2/2+ with integrated Voip DSP for home gateways and CPE.

Manufacturer's product code is PSB 50702 (Danube) / PSB 50712 (Danube-S)


  • 2 MIPS32 24KEc CPUs
  • ADSL2+
  • Voip DSP (Second core is normally used for this)
  • Analog phone interfacing
  • UARTs
  • GPIO interfaces
  • 2*1000mbit ethernet
  • 32 GPIOs, LED controller
  • DANUBE-S only: HW Encryption/Hashing (DES, AES, MD5, SHA1, RC4)


  • minipci/cardbus interface for wireless

Danube is the more powerful sibling of the AMAZON, and probably shares the Amazon's unofficial designation as AR8, successor of the AR7.

Memory map

start end what
00000000 0FFFFFFF RAM (up to 256MB address space)
10000000 13FFFFFF ROM (up to 64MB address space)
14000000 14000FFF external bus general purpose i/o
18000300 180003FF general purpose timer
1E100400 1E1007FF first serial port
1E100800 1E1008FF SSC (what's that)
1E100B10 1E100B3F GPIO bank 0
1E100B40 1E100B6F GPIO bank 0
1E100B70 1E100B9F GPIO bank 0
1E100BB0 1E100BEF serial/parallel converter
1E100C00 1E100FFF second serial port
1E103100 1E1031FF hardware crypto
1E104100 1E1041FF dma controller
1E105300 1E1053FF external bus controller
1E105400 1E1057FF PCI bus controller
1E116000 1E117000 DSL interface
1E180000 1E1BFFFF ethernet controller
1F101000 1F101FFF external interrupt controller
1F102000 1F102FFF power management controller
1F103000 1F103FFF clock generator
1F107000 1F107FFF multi-processsing
1F203000 1F203FFF reset controller
1F880200 1F8802FF interrupt controller
1F8803F0 1F8803FF watchdog timer

Devices based on the Infineon Danube

  • Wippies Homebox (black) GPL Sources
  • SMC-7908-ISP It's an adsl router supplied by the spanish ISP ya.com. It's made by Arcadyan, it has an adsl port, a 4 port ethernet switch, wireless, usb host and 2 FXS ports. It uses the BRN bootloader and runs a custom operating system. openwrt loads on this device but they still have problems with wifi and phone lines.
  • Arcadyan ARV7518PW-A-LF-LT It is basically the same device as SMC-7908-ISP (only differences between firmware versions found), and the spanish ISP ya.com is now providing the users with this router instead of the SMC one. New versions of this router have new firmwares and wifi bgn instead of only wifi bg. The images for the device are different from the ones in arcadyan's web, see ya.com router image (there are both white and grey versions of this router).
  • Gigaset SX761/SX762/SX763 wlan adsl router GPL Sources (only devices with original fw version 4.x.x.x.x for version 2.x.x.x.x check Amazon
  • Alice IAD WLAN 4421, supplied in Germany (by O2/Alice) as basic router for NGN lines. It's a Arcadyan OEM model, the sticker on the ROM says ARV7506. No USB ports, 4 port switch, WLAN, 2 FXS TAE connectors (daisy-chained, only one POTS circuit as far as I can see). The WLAN chip is a RT3060F, the switch is a RTL8306G. 8MB ROM, 64 MB RAM.
  • A series of DrayTek Vigor ADSL and dual-WAN routers use Danube/Danube-S platform, namely: DrayTek Vigor 2710, DrayTek Vigor 2820, DrayTek Vigor 2830, DrayTek Vigor 2920. They have ADSL (and/or second ethernet WAN), PCI card WiFi AP based on Ralink RT28xx (RT2860), 2 FXS ports (models with 'V' at the end), 100 Mbit or 1000 Mbit switch (2830 only), USB port, 4-pin serial console on board. On-board memory: 8MB ROM, 32MB RAM (DDR SDRAM, Nanya NT5DS16M16CS-5T ). The devices are supplied with a proprietary non-*nix OS (DrayOS).

Distros supporting the Danube

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