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Not to be confused with the Broadcom Bigsur.

General Description

PMC-Sierra Big Sur board has the Rm7000 processor with the Xilinx System Controller. The board supports 256MB of memory and is currently supported in Linux 2.4 (RAMDISK) only. This board has been specifically introduced for the printer market. It has a 10/100 Fast Ethernet, one serial port, USB, IDE (PIO) and PCI (32-bit) interface.

Board Issues

The board has couple of issues to begin with:

1. An early version did not support Cached mode. Only Uncached. This has now been fixed

2. The Xilinx Fast Ethernet interface does not support DMA, Interrupts and Rx side length parameter (no way to determine the length of the received packet). As a result, the plan was to finally upgrade the FPGA. For now, the Linux BSP supports IDE and PCI. It requires RAMDISK support.