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2011-11-04 All SSL certificates for linux-mips.org have been refreshed. As a reminder, linux-mips.org uses CAcert certificates and the root certificate for CAcert.org (available here is not included with all operating systems and browsers yet so you may have to manually install it if you want to use linux-mips.org's services encryptedly.
2011-11-03 Various git repositories have moved from /pub/scm/*.git to /pub/scm/ralf/*.git. You don't have to reclone your tree, just fix .git/config.

Also kernel.org is slowly returning to full action; the Linux/MIPS repository there is back.

2011-10-29 Nobody really made a big mark in their calendar but 20 years ago, on 1 October 1991 the MIPS R4000 was announced which along with its later refinement, the R4600, was among the two processors supported initially by Linux/MIPS. At first only 32-bit kernel and userland were supported but a 64-bit kernel with full 32-bit binaries compatibility was added in 1999 initially for the Origin 2000 which with 128 processors for a while was the biggest multi-processor system Linux ever had ran on and a little later a 64-bit userland with focus on high end embedded systems was added. 64-bit? An old story.
2011-10-26 linux-mips.org's entire software will be upgraded next week. This will result in some downtime.
2011-09-07 The recent compromise of a kernel.org servers has resulted in some of kernel.org's servers providing DNS service to linux-mips.org becoming unavailable. A temporary solution is now in place.
2011-08-20 For those who still download kernel tarballs all files below /pub/linux/mips/kernel have been converted to xz format. Xz compression typically saves about one third over gzip.
2011-08-20 Due to wiki spam in the last time email address verification has been activated. This also affects owners of existing accounts.