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2009-11-11 Patchwork, a patch tracking system goes live on linux-mips.org.
2009-10-29 The linux-mips.org machine will be shutdown around 1730Z for a memory upgrade.
2009-09-10 Perf_events which also superseeds the still in-development perfmon2 gets merged into the kernel.
2009-06-11 Recently MIPS Technologies, Inc. sold its Analog Business Group, the former Chipidea Lda to Synopsys. The linux-mips.org server machine was being hosted by MTI at the Chipidea site in Lisbon, Portugal, so linux-mips.org had to move to a new site. It is now generously being hosted by Imre Kaloz in Budapest, Hungary. Köszönöm szépen Imre!
2009-06-03 The reverse DNS problem has been resolved.
2009-06-01 The reverse DNS entries for linux-mips.org have been deleted. Since most mailserver are checking for existence of these, many users will no longer be able to receive email from linux-mips.org until this has been fixed.
2009-05-13 Due to the sale of the Analog Business Group by MIPS Technologies linux-mips.org will have to move to a new server machine which will result in some downtime. Details are still being worked out.
2009-01-19 Announced maintenance downtime canceled. Turned out it was actually possible to swap the drive without shutting down the system even though it supposedly wasn't hotswapable.
2009-01-16 A drive of linux-mips.org's server machine is failing and will have to be replaced soon. This will result in some downtime with no further announcement.