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2008-12-30 On 2008-12-26 Thiemo Seufer "ths" lost his life in a traffic accident through no fault of his own. The funeral service for Thiemo will take place on Monday January 5th 2009 13:30 at Dominikanerkirche, Bad Wimpfen, Germany. If you want to express your condolences please send mail to ths-condolence@linutronix.de. It will be passed on to Thiemo's family. For further info contact Ralf Baechle <ralf@linux-mips.org>.
2008-07-15 Support for the SEAD-2 board is removed.
2008-06-03 Starting tomorrow the linux-next tree will carry MIPS patches intended to be merged into the next kernel release which at this time would be 2.6.27.
2008-04-18 Due to DNS breakage at the ISP a significant number of users have been dropped from the mailing list. The issue has been reported to the ISP and is expected to be resolved quickly.
2008-03-04 By the end of March the linux-mips.org server will move to a new site resulting in several days of downtime. User of the git trees are reminded of the mirror of kernel.org. Email to linux-mips.org will be delayed until the machine is running again but should not be lost.