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New r4400 m/b

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: New r4400 m/b
From: Edmund Stephen-Smith <edmund@electxt.co.nz>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 13:11:52 NZS
A company here (Omicron) has started manufacturing r4400 machines.

The specs are:
r4400 67/133 (or 50/100 or 75/150)
512k cache
S3 928 video w/ 2MB
32 bit ethernet (AUI)
fast SCSI-2
2 serial/1 parallel on motherboard (not sure if 16550 or what)
5 ISA slots
-------------------- <motherboard ends>
SCSI-2 1 GB disk
SCSI-2 double speed CDROM
microsoft mouse
101 key keyboard
15 inch MAG monitor
Tower case
Windows NT

The whole system costs ~NZD 10000 (say USD 5400).  The motherboard
only (with CPU) costs NZD 3500 (say USD 1900).  The M/B price is
"dealer", I think.  Programming information (for a linux port) would
be made freely available.

This isn't a lot cheaper than Andreas' board, but DOES include CPU.
The marketing droid is verifying that a r4200/r4600 will function as
expected, and will ring me later with a price for the board sans CPU.

Comments anybody?

Edmund Stephen-Smith (3 kyu)                    edmund@electxt.co.nz
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