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Re: PowerMac

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Subject: Re: PowerMac
From: tthorn%hof@hof.daimi.aau.dk (Tommy Thorn)
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 94 12:58 MET
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Reply-to: Tommy.Thorn@daimi.aau.dk
Marino Ladavac writes:

 > There might be just one problem with the Power PC: I don't know if there's 
 > gcc available for that platform yet; 

gcc supports the power architecture in general, and soon (already?)
the Power PC in specific. 

                                        and this being an Apple, I expect 
 > that the FSF people will not jump to support you.

FSF only need to "support" linux, to the extend that they do already.
The OS (=linux) is more important than the HW (=Power PC), given that
gcc exits. That being said, I doubt FSF will be happy though.

 > Otherwise, I guess it would be a nice piece of hardware.  I'd rather run
 > Linux than AIX on it any time of the day.

Is the powermac really the cheapest way to get a risc machine (with
either alpha, r4000 or power pc)? Would getting HW details (very
important for writing device drivers et al.) be a major

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