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Digital EB66 board

Subject: Digital EB66 board
From: tthorn%hof@hof.daimi.aau.dk (Tommy Thorn)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 94 11:10 MET
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Reply-to: Tommy.Thorn@daimi.aau.dk
 > I received from Digital the specs for the EB66 board. It will ship
 > in May and cost $5000.
 > In the meantime, Intel is going 64-bit and multiprocessor. Some
 > folks are already designing a dual-100Mhz Pentium board to be
 > introduced by the end of the year.
 > Any comments?

1. The riscy project originally existed, becourse people couldn't
   stomac the Intel Architechture. They wanted a nice RISC processor
   without the braindamage from years ago.

2. So, somebody is designing a dual-100Mhz Pentium board, so what?
   Other people are designing hypercubes with i860 or alphas, which
   btw is aviable *today*, unlike 100Mhz Pentium chips. Nobody expects
   the processor race to end in our lifetime, so by the time we see
   100Mhz Pentiums, HP, Sun, Mips, Dec, IBM, etc. are likely to have
   faster versions of their processors as well.

3. I think the riscy project has changed. Originally, it was the
   aim to *build* a *cheap* risc motherboard. Now, we just want
   a cheap risc motherboard, we don't necessarily want to build it
   ourselves. Once enough of us gets a board, we'll start discussion

So far, this list hasn't produced any result, but has more served
as a forum for discussion (which is fine by me, btw) our common
interest, risc architectures.

Well, this was my comments anyway. I guess it all comes down to:
I don't care what intel produces as long as they are still using
the x86 ISA.

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