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Re: 21066 evaluation board summary

To: af4@ukc.ac.uk, riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Re: 21066 evaluation board summary
From: antsu@sandra.pp.fi (Antti-Pekka Virtanen)
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 94 16:33 EET
In-reply-to: Mail from 'Cover Thief <af4@ukc.ac.uk>' dated: Tue, 1 Feb 1994 15:14:41 -0500
> It seems logical that the video port provides connections for the CPU's
> built-in video hardware, so it should be easy to cook up a VRAM + RAMDAC
> to plug in.

Yes, and there are some who don't want video at all... (?)
> The DEC evaluation board sounds about as ideally suited to our needs as
> we are likely to get. I want one 8-)

Yes. This is exactly what we think to do. Total redesign is not worth it
since in that case everyone would want something different than the
others... and we wouldn't get anywhere.

As soon as I can get the design documents I can do queries about the pcb
manufacturing. Also, we might be able to provide assembly of the boards,
to make life easier for the software people :)

In any case, I think the CPU and other costly components should be bought
in USA or other country than Finland, since they are not so cheap here...
Maybe DEC could give us a couple of samples ? :) Also, the DEC 21040 ethernet
chip availability is something I am concerned with.

Would anyone out there take care about the component queries after we have
gotten a full parts list ?

(Well, I have a price for the Intel S82378IB ... about US $36, so I guess
the CPU and RAM (cache, video and dram) will be the most expensive ones
and then maybe the NCR SCSI...)

But, let's start calculating...

Wishes, Antti-Pekka


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