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Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)

To: riscy@SunSITE.Unc.EDU
Subject: Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)
From: gt@prosun.first.gmd.de (Gerd Truschinski)
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 1994 14:48:47 +0100 (MET)
>hodgen@mailhost.uni-koblenz.de writes:
>>So long as decent audio is on the board and ethernet PCI cards aren't
>>incredibly expensive, go ahead, kill the ISA. If person X wants to add card
>>Y, where is he going to put it? By everything I mean the basics that
>>everyone needs. Serial, parallel, video, SCSI. There is going to be
>>a lot of discussion about _what_ video and if SCSI is needed (there were
>>the last time). There will be lots of shouts for Ethernet on the board (I
>Well video is handled by the CPU so the only things to argue about here
>are the amount of VRAM and choice of RAMDAC. As for SCSI, Drew Eckhart
>is in favour of a rather fast NCR PCI SCSI controller for which he has
>written a driver. I see no reason for not going along with this unless
>the NCR chip is particularly expensive.

We bought a PCI NCR810 board for about 100$ + taxes(or less) two weeks ago.
So, the price is not the problem.

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