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21066 evaluation board info

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: 21066 evaluation board info
From: Bill Broadley <broadley@neurocog.lrdc.pitt.edu>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 1994 01:04:33 -0500 (EST)
DECchip 21066/21068 Evaluation Board Product Brief      Sept 1993
[My commends in ]

Evaluation board (EB66)

baby AT size

o 21066 at 150 or 166 Mhz, or 21068 at 66 Mhz.  A serial rom boots cpu
        at reset.
[wonder if the 21066-150 is much cheaper?]

o Dram 64 bit wide + 8 bit ECC.  Supports 8,16,32,64,128, or 256 MB's
[quite flexible, couldn't ask for more here.]

o L2 cache supports 2 32x8 + 8 32kx9 (256k) or 2 128kx8 + 8 128kx9 (1MB)
[       32kx8 15ns (probably faster then needed) are $8.50 in computer
        shopper.  10*8.50 is $85 for 256k.  If we do 10 boards (100 chips)
        I'm sure this would be cheaper                  ]

o 1 dedicated pci slot + 1 PCI+ISA slot at 25 or 33 Mhz on board
        pci connections for scsi, ethernet, and PCI to ISA bridge
[less slots then expected]

o 2 ISA slots (8 and 16 bit dma) + 1 shared isa + pci slot, and isa connections
        for the below:   [this means we NEED isa]
         Floppy controll, 2 uarts, parallel, and interupt drive hardware
        -Mouse/keyboard controller
        -2 UVPROMS for debug, one preprogrammed by digital, the
                other us user programable.

o Frame buffer connectors (2) physically in lne with one ISA expansion 
        slot provides basis for high speed video frame buffer design.
        [ NO video Seems like we could make a really simple board with
        just 2 MB vram, and a ramdac that would make this board very
        nice, not as cheap as on the motherboard though.  I assume it 
        uses the 21066's video support.  How much are CHEAP pci video

o Latches, buffers, glue logic, power regulators, decoupling capacitors,
        and other necessary components, as needed to form a complete
        system.  [ seems like this is minimal/cheap]

o Database and user docs-- The full database including schematics
        and source files, are supplied with the EB66.  User documentation
        is also included.  The database allows designers with no previous
        Alpha AXP experience to successfully create a working axp system
        with minimal help.  [Sounds like we NEED this]

Parts used:
        SCSI NCR 53C810 PCI to SCSI controller. [Good chip]
        Ethernet controller Dec 21040  [?? Anyone know this?  Any current
                                        support? ]
        PCI to ISA bridge 82378IB PCI to ISA bridge supports
                concurent operation of ISA and PCI
        National PC87312 provides interface to diskette, 1 parallel port,
                2 serial devices.  [ Anyone familiar with this?]
        Intel 8242 controls input from mouse and keyboard [Sounds like a 
                                                                pc part]
        DS1287A for time of year clock

2 debug monitor UVPROM 512 KB.  One is preprogrammed by dec's
        application support group.  The other is user programmable.
        Debug monitor allows the design engineer to develop code
        on a host system and load it into the EB66 though an ethernet
        port using bootp protocol or through a serial port.
[Above is probably main reason we need source/docs for the board to work]

The paper mentions "Supporting Documentations and Software Tools"
that are including:
        User docs
        Sources for Srom, debug rom, example privileged architecture 
                library code (PALcode)
        Source develoment tools for NT and OSF/1 platforms
        Circuit schematics
        Board artwork
        Circuit design database compatible with viewlogic powerview 5.1
        Able and JEDEC filees for PLD's
        Hardware design application notes.
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