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21066 cpu info

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Never mind, just found this..

                             FACT SHEET

PRODUCT NAMES:   DECchip 21066 166 MHz Microprocessor
                 DECchip 21068 66 MHz Microprocessor


The DECchip 21066 and DECchip 21068 microprocessors are highly 
integrated, high-speed microprocessors that implement Digital's 
Alpha AXP architecture.  The new processors incorporate on-chip the 
industry-standard Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) bus as the 
primary I/O.  In addition, key functions such as a memory 
controller, graphics accelerator, and phase-locked loop clock have 
been integrated into the design.  Both microprocessors are pin 
compatible, .68 micron CMOS-based superscalar, superpipelined 

The DECchip 21066 microprocessor brings the high performance of 
Digital's Alpha AXP 64-bit Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) 
architecture to the Windows NT PC market.  This 166 MHz processor 
provides Windows NT PC system vendors with the technology to deliver 
superior performance (estimated 70 SPECint92, 105 SPECfp92) at 
competitive market prices.  The chip's high integration technology 
simplifies PC system design, reduces overall system cost, and 
provides access to industry-standard, off-the shelf peripherals.   

The DECchip 21068 microprocessor provides industrial single-board 
computer and high-end embedded application vendors with an estimated 
70 Dhrystone MIPS at 66 MHz and only 8.5 Watts of power dissipation.  
Pin compatibility with the DECchip 21066 provides ample room for 
performance growth by extending the usefulness of software developed 
for DECchip 21068 microprocessors.  Digital's competitive, high-
performance Alpha AXP DEC 3000 workstations, combined with the CASE 
tool DEC FUSE, and the DECchip 21066/21068 Evaluation Board provide 
a native software development environment that will streamline the 
coding and debugging of software.

DECCHIP 21066 Microprocessor

    o  166 MHz/330 MIPS peak operation

    o  Estimated performance

       - 70 SPECint92
       - 105 SPECfp92 
       - 175 V2.1 Dhrystone MIPS 

DECCHIP 21068 Microprocessor

    o  66 MHz/133 MIPS peak operation

    o  Estimated performance

       - 30 SPECint92
       - 50 SPECfp92
       - 70 V2.1 Dhrystone MIPS


    o  Single-chip implementations

    o  Very high integration
       - Integrated PCI I/O controller
         * Implements the industry standard 32-bit PCI bus
         * Provides high bandwidth and access to PCI peripheral 
         * Provides investment protection for custom peripherals 
           to migrate to future CPU designs

       - Integrated memory controller
         * Interfaces to a maximum 512 MB of industry standard 
           DRAM SIMMs (single in-line memory modules)
         * Interfaces to VRAM (video RAM)
         * Integrated secondary cache controller controls up to  
           2MB of SRAM
         * Memory and cache are individually programmed for size, 
           timing, and ECC

       - Integrated graphics accelerator
         * Provides graphics performance estimated at 30 million 

       - Integrated phase-locked loop clock

         * Provides the capability of using a low-cost, 
           low-frequency oscillator
         * Permits easy design of systems operating at 
           traditional frequencies of 25 MHz to 33 MHz

    o  DECchip 21066 and DECchip 21068 use same core design used 
       in the DECchip 21064, Digital's first implementation of 
       the Alpha AXP architecture
       - 64-bit advanced RISC architecture

       - High performance provided by dual instruction issue and 
         superpipelined design

       - Floating point unit supports both IEEE and VAX floating 
         point instructions

       - 8K instruction cache and 8K data cache

       - CPU operates at 3.3 Volts and interfaces directly to 
         3.3-Volt or 5-Volt memory and logic

    o  Privileged Architecture Library Code (PALcode)

       - Supports multiple operating systems including Windows 
         NT, OSF/1, OpenVMS, and DECelx

    o  Support for JTAG standards

       - Conforms to IEEE 1149.1 standard


    o Power Supply                Vss 0.0 V, Vdd 3.3 V +/- 5%
    o Operating Temperature       Tj max = 100 deg. C
    o Storage Temperature         -55 deg. C to 125 deg. C
    o Power Dissipation           21 W maximum (DECchip 21066)
                                  8.5 W maximum (DECchip 21068)
    o Frequency                   166 MHz (DECchip 21066)
                                  66 MHz (DECchip 21068)
    o Die Size                    12.3 mm x 17.0 mm
    o Transistor Count            1.75 million
    o Package                     287 pin PGA


Sample parts are available now. Volume quantities will be available 
in early 1994.


DECchip 21066-- $385 per unit in quantities of 5,000 
DECchip 21068-- $221 per unit in quantities of 5,000.

For further information, call Digital's DECchip Information Line:

   1-800-DEC-2515   (Telecommunications device for the hearing 
                    impaired, TDD)
   508-568-6868     (Hudson, Mass. local number)

Note to Editors:  AXP, Alpha AXP, DECchip, DEC FUSE, the Digital 
                  logo, OpenVMS and VAX are trademarks of Digital 
                  Equipment Corporation.

                  OSF/1 is a registered trademark of Open Software 
                  Foundation, Inc.
                  Windows NT is a registered trademark of Microsoft 

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please contact:
  Russ Jones
  Digital Equipment Corporation
  Voice: 415-853-6566   FAX: 415-853-6537    Internet: decnews-pr@pa.dec.com
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