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Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)

To: johnsonm@SunSITE.Unc.EDU, Multiple recipients of list <riscy@sunsite.unc.edu>
Subject: Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)
From: Hai Pham <pham@pX4.stfx.ca>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 1994 19:54:58 -0400
On Jan 30, 18:39, ""Michael K. Johnson"" <johnsonm@SunSITE.Unc.EDU> wrote:
Subject: Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)
>Also, with the ALPHA chip, I think that not having an L2 cache would
>be a real waste of processor.  I don't know of any reason that it
>couldn't be made an option, I'm just doubting your sanity for not
>wanting it ;-)  Remember, this CPU (at least one of the two we are
>considering) is ~twice as fast as the MIPS, and can use a lot of fast
>access to memory...

Besides, doesn't it have the cache controller & some sort of video
accelerator built in or something?  Cache chips aren't very expensive once
the cache controller has been taken care off.


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