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Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)

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Subject: Re: 21066 board (was Wild idea)
From: ""Michael K. Johnson"" <johnsonm>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 94 18:38:37 -0500
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hodgen@mailhost.uni-koblenz.de writes:
>If you make L2 cache an option and do away with PCI (If everything is on the
>motherboard, who needs it?) you'd have a very good starting point. Good to
>see that there is life after MIPS. If this gets going I'll have to change
>my signature :)

What do you mean by "everything is on the motherboard"?  Whose
definition of everything?  What if person X wants to add a device?
I'd be willing to drop ISA support, myself, but there's no point in
dropping PCI support, since it is supported by the CPU.

Also, with the ALPHA chip, I think that not having an L2 cache would
be a real waste of processor.  I don't know of any reason that it
couldn't be made an option, I'm just doubting your sanity for not
wanting it ;-)  Remember, this CPU (at least one of the two we are
considering) is ~twice as fast as the MIPS, and can use a lot of fast
access to memory...

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