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Subject: Re: Who's there ???
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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 94 10:02:01 MET
In-reply-to: <9401261623.AA13789@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>; from "Andreas Busse" at Jan 27, 94 9:22 pm
> Now that I posted a rough price estimation I'd like
> to hear what you all think about, more exactly:
First, I think the prices, particularly for peripherals are too high.
The board is expensive enough, then Video, CPU, memory etc. BTW, no-one
has even said if normal PC SIMM will fit on the board. Does it need
its own SIMMs? Not using PC memory will almost double the cost.

>       I need votes.
> If those two or three guys who sent comments are
> the only ones on the list who are still interested,
> I'd say: forget about riscy.

I'm still commited to getting away from Intel computers but unless the price
can be reduced I wont be able to aford it. Look, motherboard + CPU + Video +
Ethernet + keyboard = DM 2825. 16 MB memory ~ DM 1000. So I'm looking at 
close to DM 4000 for a decent configuration. That's a *big* investment,
especially if I can't use my PC memory (which I already have plenty of).
OK, it's still less than a Pentium PCI board but by the end of the year
(it'll take that long to port Linux won't it?) they'll be priced like 486s

I don't want a Goddamn Intel again though!!!

I really want this project to work. I know Andy has put in a lot of time and
effort into this _but_ if we had a design (as origionally desired) with
everything on the motherboard, the costs go down immensely. As Andy said
just the EISA chipset is $300. The problem is, no manufacturer will produce
a design for such a board. Either you hardware people out there manage to
design one (I have no hardware education/experience) or we all just shut up
and go buy Intel boards (which should please Bill Broadly, they're very cheap

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