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Re: Who's there ???

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Subject: Re: Who's there ???
From: ""Michael K. Johnson"" <johnsonm>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 21:50:26 -0500
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Andreas Busse writes:
>Now that I posted a rough price estimation I'd like
>to hear what you all think about, more exactly:
>       I need votes.
>If those two or three guys who sent comments are
>the only ones on the list who are still interested,
>I'd say: forget about riscy.

Well, we were talking about prices around (below) $1000 including CPU
before.  The prices you have quoted are well above my budget, and I
think the original point of the riscy group isn't well served by those
prices.  Whatever happened to CPU's for $85?  Before Waldorf came into
the picture, powerPC was rejected for CPU prices lower than the ones
that you posted.  DEC has an alpha chip which is almost the entire
motherboard on one chip, with significantly higher performance, from
the figures I've seen, for prices similar to the CPU alone as you
posted.  I mentioned $1000 for the whole motherboard, not including
RAM, but including *everything* else (including CPU), as the highest I
would possibly consider, although I don't remember if that was in
private email to you (Andy) or publically on the group.  I did see
several similar posts, and it seemed some time ago that that was the

At those prices, yeah, I'd have to say, forget about riscy, as far as
I'm concerned.


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