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Re: Emulex - Alternative support chips?

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Re: Emulex - Alternative support chips?
From: df@eyrie.demon.co.uk (Derek Fawcus)
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 00:18:04 +0100 (GMT)
In-reply-to: <9401241444.AA09315@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de> from "Andreas Busse" at Jan 24, 94 09:43:52 am
I know that the intention was to use the ARC set design, but how much scope
is there for change  -  assuming that it'd be worth the cost?  Two items
that come to mind were devices mentioned earlier on the list.

> Serial I/O:   Western Digital 16C552
> Floppy:       Intel 82077A

Could these be replaced by the SMC FDC37c666 (plus gain a // port) ?

> Keyboard I/O: Intel 8242
> Realtime Clk: Dallas DS1287

Replace by the VLSI VL82C114 (RTC / NVRAM / KBD CONT / PS/2 MOUSE).  I
assume that the Dallas device includes a built in Lithium Battery, and
I know that the VLSI device will need an external Battery.  But then I'd
prefer the external one!

Just Idea's incase they can reduce costs,  as the mentioned devices should
(potentially after configuration commands), be identical to the normal

Derek Fawcus (G7FVS)                                df@eyrie.demon.co.uk
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