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Subject: Re: PING
From: <hodgen@mailhost.uni-koblenz.de>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 12:25:31 MET
In-reply-to: <9401190754.AA09532@resi.waldorf-gmbh.de>; from "Andreas Busse" at Jan 19, 94 3:00 am
> No. I must apologize, but NEC Germany did not receive
> the promised design kit yet and has no information when
> it will be available.
> I hate that shit and I'm *very* near to give up.
I hate it too, I can't wait to get a MIPS.

> > Is the list so quite because we have ended up with a design people are
> > unhappy with?

Who's unhappy? You? Speak up those who are unhappy. We don't even know
what the design is *because* NEC hasn't sent anything. How can you be
unhappy with something you haven't seen?
> Don't know. If you like, get another design.
> Sorry, I can imagine that you won't be happy with this
> statement, but it's the truth. I gave my best, but this
> don't seem to be sufficient.

It's more than enough Andy. Come on people, show a little support.

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