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To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Re: PING
From: berge@sierra.nl (Wim van den Berge)
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 11:46:33 +0100
Andreas Busse writes:
  > No. I must apologize, but NEC Germany did not receive
  > the promised design kit yet and has no information when
  > it will be available.
  > I hate that shit and I'm *very* near to give up.
  > > Is the list so quite because we have ended up with a design people are
  > > unhappy with?
  > Don't know. If you like, get another design.
  > Sorry, I can imagine that you won't be happy with this
  > statement, but it's the truth. I gave my best, but this
  > don't seem to be sufficient.

I, and I assume everybody else on this list, do appriciate the time
and effort you put into this project. As a software kind of guy I am
unable to help very much with the hardware of the riscy project, but 
I do like the design we ended up with. 

Tommy Thorn writes:
> I the riscy project dies, I'll be sad, but I'll still be looking for a
> replacement motherboard with a resonable price and docs. I do alot of
> compiler work, and optimizing for the intel just make me feel bad. The
> MIPS (esp. 4200) is still my favorite, due to the superior
> price/performance relation.

I could not agree more, if riscy fails I will be looking for a MIPS 4200
based replacement too.

Come on people, I think this project has too much going for it to quit now,
I have been on this list for 5 months now and I believe there is more than 
enough talent and know-how gathered here to make this project a success. 
Lets hang in there and try to convince the big boys (NEC etc) to take us

Any suggestions ???

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