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From: tthorn%hof@hof.daimi.aau.dk (Tommy Thorn)
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 10:56 MET
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Andreas Busse writes:

 > No. I must apologize, but NEC Germany did not receive
 > the promised design kit yet and has no information when
 > it will be available.
 > I hate that shit and I'm *very* near to give up.
 > > Is the list so quite because we have ended up with a design people are
 > > unhappy with?
 > Don't know. If you like, get another design.
 > Sorry, I can imagine that you won't be happy with this
 > statement, but it's the truth. I gave my best, but this
 > don't seem to be sufficient.

Well, I fully understand. It's a sad situation indeed. I still like
the design very much, though I would have liked an external cache, but
I like lower cost more.

We are all aware that you been doing an immense amount of work to make
this a success, and I appreciate this very much. I just sorry I'm not
able to contribute to the HW part.

I the riscy project dies, I'll be sad, but I'll still be looking for a
replacement motherboard with a resonable price and docs. I do alot of
compiler work, and optimizing for the intel just make me feel bad. The
MIPS (esp. 4200) is still my favorite, due to the superior
price/performance relation.

If we are to belive some of the market analysis and SGI's own
commercial, mips motherboards will become generally available anyway,
so a Linux (and VSTa ;^) port might still happen.

I think we should give it more time still. Either we finally do get
something from NEC (or SGI), or alternatives might crop up we could

If anyone have any better ideas, I'm eager to hear them.
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