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Riscy: is it too expensive?

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Riscy: is it too expensive?
From: toz!cyberman@acsu.buffalo.edu (Cyberman)
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 14:55:24 EST
Organization: The Tower of Zot - Buffalo, NY USA - (716)839-0431
something recently said about cost sort of "pinged" in my head.
Right now I DO NOT expect to be able to build/buy a riscy.
I really think that we have deviated greatly from the original
intent.  Which I am certain has been obscured significantly since
may or april when the idea first started.

As I recall ( and I have a good memory :) the intent was to make
an inexpensive MIPS based ISA machine.  The idea was inexpensive
first, MIPS second, ISA last.   Though riscy may be a bargain for
what people will get.  I can't help wondering if an alternative
design should also be built.  Perhaps a riscy hi/lo design? :)

At this moment I am considering just doing my OWN Mips based board
(and in fact this is what I am planing on doing).  Opps I forgot the
zero it runs linux (smile).  (they say the first thing that goes is 
... uh can't remember)  The reason for this is riscy is definately 
too expensive for moi.  It may run rings around a 486, and may be
comparable in price, it however isn't what I wanted.  Nothing wrong
with that, but I suspect some people may have been wanting something
similiar to me.

Would making 2 designs for riscy be possible?  like riscy1 and riscy
1/2 ? :)  I think it should be something to consider.  

PS - if anyone adds to the functionality of spim tell me, that's what
I'm planing on using to port linux.  
PPS - I think the Linux code needs to be reorganized for multiplatform
compilation (like many net coordinated software packages are).

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