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ARC 100 part list

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: ARC 100 part list
From: Andreas Busse <andy@waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 93 12:03:04 +0100
Hi again,

I've got the most of the part list now (faxes from US to here
seem to be a problem...). I don't want to list every resistor
and capacitor here, so here are only the most important

Mother Board

1 x     DALLAS DS1287           Battery backed clock
1 x     DALLAS DS1225Y          NRAM 8Kx8
1 x     WD16C552                UART
1 x     Intel 82077A            EISA stuff
1 x     National DP83932BFV     Ethernet controller
1 x     Intel 82358             EISA stuff
1 x     Intel 82357             EISA stuff
2 x     Intel 82352             EISA stuff
1 x     Emulex FAS2T6           SCSI Controller
1 x     AM27C01                 128k Eprom
1 x     AM281020                256k Eprom
1 x     uPD31432                ARC Address Path Chip
2 x     uPD31431                ARC Data Path Chip
1 x     uPD30400                R4000PC/50

Audio Board

1 x     Crystal CS4215          Audio I/O Chip
4 x     Altera FPGA             Audio DMA control

Video Board

1 x     TMS27C010A-12           128k Eprom
1 x     IMS G364-11S            Video Controller
16 x    NEC uPD42274V-80        256Kx4 VRAM 80ns

There are a few pages, regarding keyboard, mouse etc., missing.
As soon I've got them I'll post what's missing here.


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