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NEC design kits

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: NEC design kits
From: Andreas Busse <andy@waldorf-gmbh.de>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 93 09:53:41 +0100
Hi there !

Although Bill found another interesting board design
(I'll try to get more information) I have some news
regarding the NEC/MTI stuff. I've posted that already,
but the german backbone had some trouble yesterday.
Perhaps my mail went into the bit-bucket...

This is what I posted:

A few minutes ago I called the tech support guy at
NEC Europe, just to ask if there are any news
regarding the R4000 design kits.
You won't believe it: This morning he received
a fax that the kits are ready and available.
He will receive a sample kit this week and is
quite sure that we can have the kit *before* XMAS !

This night I received a fax from MTI containing
the riscWS/EISA part list. Unfortunally some pages
are missing, but it looks like I can post at least
the major stuff today. Please be a bit patient.


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