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To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Other options
From: Bill Broadley <broadley@neurocog.lrdc.pitt.edu>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 16:26:03 -0500 (EST)
I was talking to Vince Cate (Vincent.Cate@cs.cmu.edu) and he made
the following suggestions:

>Shannon Computers (603) 875-3800 has a generic PCI-based motherboard
>design which replaces a standard PC-AT motherboard and accepts PCI
>CPU-cards.  It can work with any processor.  To start with there will be
>PowerPC, Alpha, MIPS, x86, and M1 (guess Pentium too). 

>    Std PC motherboard replacement (PC-AT format)
>    3 PCI    (64 bit PCI -   230 MB/sec)
>    5 ISA
>    PCI/ISA bridge chip
>    keyboard controller
>    realtime clock
>    bios
>    scci (stuffed or not)
>    make 3.3 v onboard so can use cheap power supply

>    IBM AIX/WorkplaceOS
>    DEC porting NT to 21066
>    Motorla porting NT PowerPC

>    Royalties $1/motherboard, $0.75/CPU-board

So this means that if we did this that we would have to pay them $1.00
per motherboard which seems like a GREAT deal to me.  Advantages
over the current design is CPU upgradeable, PCI.

Another option is :
>DeskStation  (913) 599-1900 will sell me R4600 boxes (power, box, motherboard, 
>CPU) for $1,000 if I buy 12 or more.  

If your interested check out the document:


Bill Broadley@{neurocog,schneider3,lrdc5}.lrdc.pitt.edu (in order of preference)
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