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Subject: Re: PING...
From: Tommy Thorn <tthorn@daimi.aau.dk>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1993 11:16:32 +0100
Reply-to: Tommy.Thorn@daimi.aau.dk
Andreas Busse writes:

 > I wonder if there's still activity on the list.
 > I haven't received any messages since a couple of days.

I assume people, like me, are holding their breath waiting.
The news from COMDEX sounds very promissing. I hope our design
won't differ to much from what others are doing, 'course I'd
would simply *love* to buy a r4200 based notebook in some future.

Just to comment a *very* **very** old discussion on endian:
It seems, contrary to what was said at some point, that we actually
*can* switch endian more-or-less on the fly.

p. 5-6 in R4000 User's Manual the status register is described.
Bit RE: Reverse Endian in User Mode:
  "The Reverse Endian (RE) bit, bit 25, is used to reverse the endianness
   of the machine in User mode. R-Series processors are configured as
   either Little-endian or Big-endian at system reset. This selection is
   used in Kernel and Supervisor modes, and in the User mode when the
   RE bit is 0; setting this bit to 1 inverts the selection in User mode."

What endian is selected at reset on motherboards targeted at Win-NT?
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