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Re: riscy status?

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Re: riscy status?
From: tor@tss.no (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1993 16:17:57 +0100
Cc: d@unas.tss.no
In-reply-to: Drew Eckhardt <drew@kinglear.cs.Colorado.EDU> "Re: riscy status?" (Nov 19, 2:07am)
On Nov 19,  2:07am, Drew Eckhardt wrote:
>No one would commit to the 53cf94 even though no better alternative 
>had been proposed and the price and complexity difference between it 
>and NCR busmasters is significant (the later is a microcontroller,
>meaning you have to write an assembler for it and debugging is 
>nastier, the 53c700/800 series are also closer to $60 in the 
>same quantities that the NCR53cf94 is $25, and you won't get any
>better throughput with the increased costs).

The NCR53cx9x series looks like the very best alternative IMHO.  Of those
the NCR53cf94 seems to be a good choice.

Tor (tor@spacetec.no)
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