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From: Drew Eckhardt <drew@kinglear.cs.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 23:33:12 -0700
    > According to the T.I. semiconductor product information center, recommend
    > unit pricing in 1,000s is:
    >     135MHz  US$31.25
    >     175MHz     56.25
    >     200MHz     83.75

    That is all about the TVP3020, isn't it. What is it good for us? I don't
    see the point. Please help me.

When we feed it with 64 bit VRAM, the net effect is 

1.  Cheap - the TVP3020 @ $31.25 to $83.75 plus VRAM (up to 4M) @ 
        $60/meg and a clock circuit is our video solution.

2.  Fast - a VRAM based dumb frame buffer lets you do graphics operations 
        at about 95% of the speed you'd do them to DRAM, and in this case 
        we have a 64bit wide interface to the VRAM.

        Read DEC's paper on framebuffers if you'd like an accelerated 
        chip, the gist of it is that the main processor will allways be 
        faster than the coprocessor lagging a generation behind it.

        In our case (single user workstation), we don't care if our
        background processes slow down when we blit, scroll, etc,
        it's the apparant speed that's important.

3.  Flexible - you can drive any of our configurations off of this, from
        VGA resolutions with minimal colors to 1600x1280 with 16 bit 
        true color.

It's a more integrated, slightly more expensive version of the TI34076 
solution Steven original proposed, looks real nice.

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