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Texas Inst. Video Interface Palette chip

To: riscy@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Texas Inst. Video Interface Palette chip
From: kent@tifsim.pac.sc.ti.com (Russell Kent)
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 93 14:31:31 CST
Stupid @#$!%#!% list processor.  Apparently when the list moved from
pyramid to sunsite it lost my registration.  *sigh*  I sent this a
few days ago...

Hello fellow MIPSers.  This came out on the T.I. news service (while
I was in Malaysia a few days back).  I'm not enough of a video hardware
person to pass judgement on it, but I thought I'd let those who are
have a gander at it.  (Please forgive the hype-speak).

According to the T.I. semiconductor product information center, recommended
unit pricing in 1,000s is:

    135MHz  US$31.25
    175MHz     56.25
    200MHz     83.75

According to them, T.I. is accepting orders now with an 8 week manufacturing
lead time.

A data manual is available from the T.I. Literature center at
1-800-477-8924 (sorry to those of you overseas).  The literature
number is SLAS080.  I haven't called them so I don't know the cost
(if any) of the data manual.

Russell Kent
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 DALLAS (Nov. 11) -- Designers of personal computer and workstation graphics
 systems can use a new video interface palette (VIP) from TI to implement cost-
 effective, high-performance graphics for mainstream and high-end applications.
 The device is the industry's first color palette chip with a 64-bit picture
 element (pixel) bus designed for the PC graphics accelerator market.

 Because the device is available in three speeds - 135, 175 and 200 MHz, one
 design with this device can be used in applications across a wide performance
 spectrum from mainstream to high-end systems.  A design incorporating this
 device can be easily upgraded by adding more memory and a high-speed VIP.  The
 device's separate VGA port makes it well-suited for PC graphics and windows
 accelerator applications.

 The TVP3020 Video Interface Palette (VIP) can display 24-bit true color (16
 million colors) at a resolution of 1024 x 768 and 16-bit true color (65,000
 colors) at resolutions up to 1600 x 1280.  The TVP3020 true color can be gamma
 corrected to allow for more accurate color rendition.

 By integrating the functions of a traditional color palette, plus several
 discrete chips such as buffer logic and multiplexers, the TVP3020 offers a
 complete graphics back-end system on a chip which can directly interface to 4
 mega bytes of video random access memory (VRAM) as well as many industry-
 standard graphics accelerators.

 "The TVP3020 VIP is particularly well-suited to windows accelerator products,
 especially those involving true color at high resolutions," said Richard Nail,
 TI product marketing manager for color palettes. "With a maximum speed of 200
 MHz, this is the fastest PC-optimized color palette device available on the
 market today."

 With an internal frequency doubler, the TVP3020 is able to reduce system costs
 by allowing the use of less expensive, low-frequency synthesizers. System
 performance is also enhanced by the device's hardware cursor, which eliminates
 the need for the system's CPU or graphics processor to create the display's
 cursor in software.

 The VIP pixel bus can be programmed for 4-, 8-, 16-, 32- or 64-bit widths and
 many different color depths, allowing a single hardware design to support many
 resolution/color combinations.  In addition, the TVP3020 has a color-key
 switching capability so that true color images and graphic overlays can be
 easily combined on-screen.
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